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Mabrook to Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Safdieh on the marriage of their son, Natan, to Miriam Sananes, daughter of Rabbi and Mrs.
Amram Sananes

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The Rabbi’s Message
The Gemara tells a story. There was once a drought in Israel
which was causing a tremendous famine. R' Eliezer, the great
leader of that generation ordered fasting and special prayers with
twenty-four blessings, but they weren't answered. R' Akiba then
got up and said "Abinu Malkenu, Our Father our King, please have
mercy on us," and rain came down. The students began to whisper,
"How come the great R' Eliezer wasn't answered and R' Akiba,
who was his student, was answered?" A voice came down from
Heaven and said, "Do not think the student is greater than the
Rabbi, rather the student overcomes his character traits which
merited this miracle."
R' Salanter asks the obvious question: Doesn't this mean that
R' Akiba is still greater, since he overcomes his character traits?
He answers that R' Eliezer came from very noble stock and
therefore his personality was very refined from birth. His character
traits were all positive. R' Akiba, however, whose ancestry had
converts in it, had to overcome personality traits which he
inherited. He had to perfect himself by overcoming his nature.
Therefore, he merited to have miracles that Hashem also
"overcame his nature" (so to speak) and allowed rain to come, even
if not deserved.
We see here the power of overcoming one personality trait. If
we refrain from responding when insulted, or hold back our anger
when provoked, we can bring about miracles since we controlled
our nature. We have experienced a difficult year and we all want
to see Divine mercy and compassion. If we exhibit these very
same traits then Hashem changes His nature and will bring us a
year of health, happiness and prosperity. Tizku Leshanim Rabot!
Rabbi Shmuel Choueka


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SEPTEMBER 19-20, 2014 25 ELUL 5774
Friday Shir Hashirim/Minhah: 5:40 & 6:30 pm Shaharit: 5:42, 7:00, 8:15, 8:45 & 9:00 am
Candlelighting: 6:41 pm Morning Shema by: 9:00 (MA), 9:45 (GRA)
Evening Shema after: 7:39 pm Shabbat Classes: 4:55 pm
Shabbat Minhah: 6:10 pm
Shabbat Ends: 7:37 pm (R”T 8:09 pm)
Weekday Minhah: 5:50, 6:20, 6:40 pm
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